Paying the Piper

roaming the moors of my mind
i stop for tolls

and pay for whoever, whatever
i choose to be

ragged from crushing karma
yet rich from life’s fruit

taking calculated risks
succeeding, failing

choosing to love, to hate
moving through tangled webs

knowingly entering darkness
holding lanterns to reveal truth

living with guilt, beauty,
magic and faith

hoping, striving to bring

weaving innocence
and sophistry

and yet in my pocket
enough coin for charon and the styx

should my waiting star
refuse me


is that still my choice?














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Pieces of Me

loves forgotten, loves remembered
pieces of me
milkweed blown to the wind

the ones forgotten
silk scars
sadly watching my heartbeats

the ones remembered
coral blooms
dancing through crimson rivulets

loves forgotten, loves remembered
silent teachers
quiet companions

pieces of me….




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My Ninja Muse

In the dark, lithe, clad in midnight black
he steals through the skylight of my mind

bright coral blooms close their petals
a bumble bee quiets his buzzing

all is eclipsed except the smiling opal moon
and my handsome muse smiles at my unpolished harvest

he quietly lays out his dark, gleaming word gifts…
on plates of sapphire and ebon

my diamond day words cringe then rally
complementing this dizzying array of jeweled words

i am stunned by a cornucopia of thoughts, notions
“Take, pick wisely of all”  says my ninja muse

“the night is your time
string them all together

the light, the dark
bright buds, dark beads

but do it NOW!”

and as quickly as he appeared
he vanishes, leaving his fading velvet shadow

once more milkweeds
dance in the wind

and the sun smiles….











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My Stem

I like the stem of me
I like the discovery

of a little budling
waiting to flower

into the new me
more of me

beauty and hope
to be found

will I allow a trampling
and wilting in my bed?

not if I water and nurture carefully
then will I become

stamens, sepals
and bee-loved petals


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Enter Spring

fresh spring
cuddling in winter snow

stretching innocent green blades
through a cool white bed

winter, helpless with love
melts, cosseting a young season

spring, aroused and joyful
unaware she will mother

a butterflied
ice-creamed summer

and so the world turns…

#inspired by Peter Wilkin’s  photo art… ~melting snow~  at th’ Oliver Farm

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Forever seeking it
ever suspicious of it

useless energy
chasing it

forever ephemeral
never quite grasping it

if you find it
nail it, treasure it


never lies


in mountains
skies, grass and streams


in animals
weird or beautiful


in coral sunset
golden sunrise


in a pearled moon
in teal tides


in magic
life’s mysteries

in art, music, the beading of words

in hope and man’s potential


in love
however short or long


in serendipitous gifts
from the Universe


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Haiku of Love

warm me in your vest
braid my heart strings to your own
fold me into you

take my hand in rain
and I’ll shelter you from storms
zip me into you

growing old with me
a burnished gold tapestry
weaving threads with yours

let the years carve glyphs
of love words only we can read
etching our private frieze

be my ink

i’ll be your pen

and we’ll create

a monument, a library of love


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