The Earth Is Flat

Where do clouds come from Daddy?
Busy now  …later,  kiddo

Mommy, why do you smile
when Daddy kisses you?

You wouldn’t understand
I’ll tell you in a few years

Why is that lady angry?
why is the baby crying?

Mommy, Daddy
what are dragons?

Later honey..
cleaning the kitchen, paying bills

Mommy, Daddy…
Why is the Earth so flat?

Why don’t you answer my questions
I’m frightened

Will I fall off the edge?

I thought the Earth was round

Ignore a child
and the Earth IS flat.

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About 1emeraldcity

Teacher, writer, touch of the poet, laughter, wit, cats, all animals, nature, solitude, friendship, cosy pubs, flamenco, classical guitar, good food...I even savor dark moments...occasionally.
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49 Responses to The Earth Is Flat

  1. Very thoughtful and meaningful. So easy to be distracted by the world, we forget what’s most precious to us.

  2. 1emeraldcity says:

    Yes we do forget…and we forget our legacies to children as well. They will shape our Earth. Thanks so much for your response and comments :))

  3. zongrik says:

    reminds me of the Cat Stevens Song “Cat’s In the Cradle” but the end has a totally different message. Certainly can tell ur a teacher!! :)

  4. Ben Miller says:

    Your last line says it all and the rest of the poem is smartly stated evidence. Your title had me thinking about some of the anti-intellectual trends we face, but really, your poem touches on a problem that is perhaps at the core of so many others. Powerful and to the point!

  5. 1emeraldcity says:

    Thanks much Ben for your thorough and genereous comment. Poem was extended from a micro written earlier today. Very happy my point came through. Excelsior!

  6. Very touching poem, in the crazy to keep up it’s easy to forget children ask question for a reason.

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Yes, they do ask for a reason…it’s a cry to understand, to learn…and should never be ignored. Thanks, much, Cathleen for the read and comment. Much appreciated :))

  7. jmbhatt says:

    Wonderful way to point out how one misses to mingle with children and embark on discovery of dreams!!! It takes a lot of patience and enduring passion to involve so that one can “be with one’s child”. “Childspeak” is a learning experience to unlearn & discover new.

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Hi, Jyoti! You said something important and interesting here. “Childspeak to be unlearned”…yes! Some of it spoken in affection is fine, I think, but when carrying on a normal conversation or when teaching, it’s rather insulting to the child. We need to learn respect for children as people…developing their characters and instilling the seeds of creativity. Thanks so much for the read and comments!

      • jmbhatt says:

        The viewpoint expressed in my comment was: “Childspeak” is a learning experience to unlearn & discover new” In process of our growth we adults easily forget “childspeak” therefore while paying attention to “Childspeak” we unlearn the process of “adulthood” & thus be “one” with the child to learn & discover something new. Me and my wife are constantly “growing” with constant unlearning with our grandson little Aarya & his childspeak. I hope I have not further complicated this simple issue. Insult to child is unthinkable!!!

      • 1emeraldcity says:

        Thank you, Jyoti, for clarifying the issue here. I initially misunderstood what you meant by “Childspeak”.

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Hi, Jyoti! You said something important and interesting here. Childspeak to be unlearned…yes! Some of it spoken in affection is okay, I think, but when carrying on a nomral conversation or when teaching, it’s rather insulting to the child. We need to learn respect for children as people…developing their characters and instilling the seeds of creativity. Thanks so much for the read and comments!

  8. dreamersteve says:

    Hi Jackie..I was a child of a flat world just brought it back to me..Poet Girl..I could hear them talking to me ..great poem ..

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Hi, Steve! Yeah, I got that dialogue too…if only parents would realize how important it is to have good discourse with their kids…Thanks so much for the read and comment, Steve! Luvs ya’ :))

  9. montygrant says:

    So, so true Jackie. The truth is most things can be put to one side to make time for your children.

  10. marousia says:

    The ending is just superb

  11. The ending man. You got that good. Brings everything together, and it sticks. Not preachy and utterly necessary.

    Masterful really. Great write.

    Also, reminds me of the children’s book Not Now Bernard. Again, great write.

  12. Now, as a fellow Poet, this is what I call “World Class”! Thank you!

  13. Nara Malone says:

    Love that last line. It’s so easy to let the important things get drowned out in busyness.

  14. Louise says:

    Great poem….simple & clever…it’s true, nothing is more important than spending time with a child… :) x

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Thanks, Louise :) We forget that children are our legacy.. and the time and quality of time we spend with them is probably the most important thing we can do to ensure good values. My gratitude for your read and comment :))

  15. brian miller says:

    falt cause all the air got let out…there are some parents i just want to grab by the shoulders and shake and say WTF is really important in your life…and sometimes i do…maybe just a bit nicer than that though…smiles.

    • 1emeraldcity says:

      Feel the same way. You see a helluva lot more, probably, than I do…must be difficult to keep calm…sometimes I think people should be licensed and examined before being allowed to have children. Yeah, I know…it’ll never happen…but I get angry enough sometimes to want that. Thanks for read and comment, Bri. x

  16. joanbarrettroberts says:

    Loved this Jackie! I relate so much to your words here — I am also a teacher!
    I try to live fully — I don’t ever want to give up or give in! Great job in moving the reader to action! :)

  17. tashtoo says:

    Jackie…best one yet! I’ve still the goosebumps from the close…POWERFUL, seriously! Not sure what else I can say, other than I’m going to give my girl a hug…thank you!

  18. chris says:

    Fantastic write, Jackie! You said it, and in simple straightforward terms that a child could understand. Hope some parents will understand this too.

  19. ayala says:

    So important to remember that children are everything, nice write Jackie. :)

  20. marousia says:

    Fabulous – so important to answer a child’s questions without impatience :)

  21. 1emeraldcity says:

    Thank you, dear M!

  22. Mama Zen says:

    So powerful! I love it!

  23. libithina says:

    Ah the eager inquisitiveness of a child love how you portrayed this . yes so many questions that need answering … but that last line says it all .. yes, it you don’t take that time and ‘Ignore a child’
    then ‘the Earth IS flat’. ABsolutely stunning Jacquie – Hugs Lib

  24. Chazinator says:

    We must always attend to those questions that the child asks, nurturing their sould and imaginations. When in doubt, I always reverted to imaginary worlds! :) Excellent poem reminding us how responsible we are for the soul’s as well as the physical well-being of our children.

  25. ihatepoetry says:

    Sweetie, this was absolutely inspired! Mwah!

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